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Our aerial adventure park is the largest park in the Berkshires. It is designed in the European style, meaning it is both challenging and intended to be an immersive experience - within the natural environment, the forest, and the trees. The experience is climbing from tree platform to tree platform over “elements” - bridges, ladders, rope swings, cargo nets, log obstacles, and zip lines. We have traditional zip lines and signature zip lines (including a skate board and sea kayak zip line)!


The park consists of 8 aerials trails with 4 different levels of ascending difficulty, a lot like a ski resort:

Yellow - Beginner

Green - Intermediate

Blue - Advanced

Black - Expert


It takes anywhere between 15-45 minutes to complete a trail. Most groups will complete 3-5 trails in the allotted climb time. The only rule is that you must climb the levels in progression - starting with beginner. Otherwise, it’s choose your own adventure!

We have re-invented the climbing model and now offer private-guided small group experiences. We have limited the number of climbers in the park at one time and extended the climb time. This gives you more time in the park, with fewer people, and more 1-on-1 instruction with a focus on climbing technique.  

  • Climb with the group that you came with: no co-mingling of guests

  • Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants per group/guide (*we can accommodate larger groups, up to 100 participants)

  • Only one group reservation available per time slot

  • Reservation times scheduled 30 to 45 minutes apart

  • Included: equipment, instruction, guide, and ticket for up to 4 hours of climbing

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